‘We’ve needed to triple our food support in the space of just a year. It breaks my heart’

Bude Life visited Bude Foodbank and heard about some of the amazing ways it has been helping clients, but also some of the many new challenges it now faces.

With the main gates wedged wide open and huge food parcels being carried out at a rate of knots, the Foodbank Team have experienced a year like no other before. 

Following the impact of lockdown, and an Easter season of no tourists; seasonal unemployment rose sharply across the Bude area, leaving many people struggling for income. Foodbank Manager, Sue Jarvis told Bude Life ‘We’ve never experienced times like this before and for many people, the impact of lockdown is going to take many years to recover from, as people struggle to put food on the tables and as debts continue to rise. We’ve had people at our doors in tears not knowing what to do next and not knowing how they’re going to pay the bills’.

Bude Foodbank is pushing ahead with adapting to these changes; helping people with debt management and also offering support for those struggling emotionally including those with mental health issues. Sue told us ‘Offering these additional services is going to have a big financial impact on us but we simply can’t sit back when there are so many problems’.

Bude Foodbank needs to raise over £90,000 every year in charitable income to keep its services running and it’s calling on the community to step up in its support for the charity as it looks to help more than 300 adults and 600 children throughout the year on a regular basis. One great way to support Bude Foodbank is to set up a monthly donation which will help the charity improve its planning into the future. Sue said ‘Even setting up a monthly donation of £5 per month will help us to feed a family. We’re also running a new ‘Businesses Backing Bude’ scheme where we’re asking businesses to step in and donate a monthly amount to us. Any support people can offer would be literally life changing’.

To make a donation to Bude Foodbank, please visit www.budefoodbank.org.uk/donate or to find out more about the ‘Businesses Backing Bude’ scheme, please email info@budefoodbank.org.uk If you’re in need of food support or want to find out more about the services they offer please get in touch.