Stay In Bude
Businesses in Bude bounce back following pandemic

With holiday makers clambering for a UK holiday by the seaside, many Bude businesses are seeing the first steps of an economic recovery.

With hotels, b&b’s, caravan parks, campsites and holiday apartments seeing record numbers of bookings this summer, the tourist ‘leisure pound’ has been a welcome bonus to many local businesses in the area.

Holiday bookings look set to extend beyond the ‘traditional tourist season’ this year, with Visit Cornwall reporting a significant rise in bookings across the County that take us deep into November.

Chief Executive Malcolm Bell of Visit Cornwall told Bude Life ‘We’ve seen an estimated 10% to 15% increase in visitors to Bude this year. This is an exceptional if not unique year with travel restrictions increasing the number of people wanting to holiday in the UK, combined with the need for visitors to plan and book ahead to ensure a good experience. We also need to have a ‘summer of understanding’ due to staff shortages, pings and a very busy season. We all need to be more understanding and patient. This is not just about visitors being understanding but also for us locals. People have had a very stressful 18 months in the pandemic and our guests want to share a bit of Cornwall and can you blame them.’

The latest report released by Visit Cornwall last year, showed that 137,000 people stayed within a three-mile radius of Bude town centre, with 455,000 visitors coming into Bude on day visits. Over £16,269,500 was spent on food and drink in Bude, and £16,067,100 spent on accommodation. Visit Cornwall estimates that the 2021 figure will be at least 15% higher by the end of the season.