‘I grew too many leeks in my garden so decided to sell some – it all went crazy from there’

Bude Life caught up with Kim Gouldson who runs ‘All the P’s Market and Tea Garden’ in Stratton and she shares how her business blossomed during the pandemic from just small beginnings.

As a Stratton resident for over 37 years, Kim is proud of the town she lives in. ‘I absolutely love Bude’, a beaming Kim told us sitting in her beautifully maintained gardens. ‘The town means everything to me and I’m so grateful that I’ve had an opportunity to live here.’

With an interest in gardening, Kim first opened-up ‘All the P’s’ after she mistakenly grew too much produce. Kim told Bude Life ‘It was at the start of the pandemic that I decided to sell a few bits of veg at the bottom of my garden. I grew too many leeks so decided to sell some – it all went crazy from there. Shops were not selling much fresh veg and fruit at the time due to the pandemic and lots of people came to us to buy their produce. It’s been a phenomenal success and it’s only because of the pandemic that it’s happened!’ 

In April this year, Kim extended her operation, opening a beautiful Tea Room with all profits (over £4k in total) being given to local charities including Bude Sea Pool.

Run by a team of volunteers, Kim has over 4.5 acres of stunning outdoor space which consists of 2 poly tunnels growing everything from salad crops, edible flowers, winter vegetables, brassicas, squash and pick your own pumpkins for kids. There are also bee hives, free range chickens and plenty of other wildlife that make this the perfect place to visit.

Kim said ‘Most of our visitors are local people and it’s great that people enjoy coming here. Unfortunately, we are only renting this property and we have to give it all up in 2023. We’ve put all the gardens in here and have worked so hard to make it what it is. We’re so sad that we have got to leave, but we knew that we would have to go at some point. We are desperate to find something similar as we’re so keen to continue doing what we’ve done here’. 

Kim has the additional challenge of finding somewhere suitable for her husband Allan who has Motor Neurone Disease (MND). She told us ‘My husband was only given one year to live and that was over 7 years ago now. We bought him a road wheelchair which allows him to get around the garden. He’s at his happiest when he’s spending time outside with his 9 grandchildren’.

Kim is hopeful about the future and with her focus firmly placed on both her family and continuing to help others through her charity support. Maybe someone in our special community knows of somewhere suitable, where their dream of continuing their business and charity can continue.